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So you want a SLEEVE?  GOOD.

I commend your wisdom for wanting a larger area of your body designed at once! I recommend you get a full sleeve for the best value, but I have options for 1/4 sleeves, 1/2 sleeves, and 3/4 sleeves as well.

The only difference is you get a better discount the larger area you cover.

The price displayed is the price if you paid all at once online, includes all 3 steps, and is the best value!!

If you decide you want to purchase a payment plan:

STEP 1:  Schedule a "Consultation for Larger Designs" to discuss options and designs.

STEP 2:  Pay the "Deposit to Start Design" and I will begin to design your tattoo.

STEP 3:  After you approve the design, start a payment plan for the remaining balance to start the Stencil and Tattooing process.

This 3 step process gives you flexibility with your time-frame as each step can be started at your convenience!

Consult Lrg Design
Deposit to Start Sleeve
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