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So you want a SLEEVE?


I commend your wisdom for wanting a larger area of your body designed at once!

I have several options for sleeves...I recommend you get a full sleeve for the best value, but I have options for quarter sleeves, half sleeves, and 3/4 sleeves as well. The price listed is the price if you paid all at once, and is the best value. But all of the sleeve options here have PAYMENT PLANS attached so be sure to check to see which monthly payment plan might work for you!

At these sizes, the quality of the work will be the same:  The BEST!

The only difference is you get a better discount the larger area you cover.

If you are thinking about that "Dream Sleeve" you've always wanted but aren't sure about the design or wondering if you can afford it, then schedule a Consultation to discuss your ideas and payment options! There is a Consultation below specifically for larger work like sleeves. The best part is the price of the consultation goes toward the price of your sleeve!