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Single Session Tattoos

Single Sessions


Iyou want a One-Session Tattoo process, i.e. Walk-ins, Hourly Sessions, or any Design that can be completed in 1 Session, click the "Book It" button on the Service that best fits your Ideas to check my Booking Calendar for availability. Choose the first available appointment that fits your schedule, pay an online deposit and you are all set to be INKED-UP! This is the easiest way to get your process done on YOUR SCHEDULE!

 The reservation includes the time needed to get your Design ready before getting INKED and a Consultation so you can express any new ideas, design options, or changes before the Session!

* Be sure to check out the discounts on the "INKED-UP" page to learn how to earn Blood Drops and how to redeem them for CASH DISCOUNTS that you can use toward your online deposit or at checkout in-person!


*Visit the FAQ's on the HOME PAGE to see a walk-thru of the process of getting your Sign-Up Blood Drops, redeeming them for discounts, and scheduling an appointment!

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