Minimum Tattoo (Black INK) - Deposit

Get a Consultation+Tattoo service all at once...Walk-In style!!

  • 1 hour

Book on Your Schedule!

Make a deposit conveniently online and then relax knowing your appointment is set to your schedule, and with an included Consultation you have time to discuss designs and options either by phone, text, or in-person upon arrival! *The deposit is automatically deducted from the total price. * I charge by the project, not by the time, but for Minimum Tattoos the approximate time is 1 hour. See pictures below for examples of designs that fit this category.

Cancellation Policy

* Reschedules without 24 hour prior notice incur a $25 booking fee. * Consultation Refund Policy: Cancelations are refundable with 24 hour prior notice AND provided one has not received a consultation of any length of time to include any communications prior to the scheduled consultation appointment outside of basic inquiries of availability and listed prices where design, art, ideas, placement, or custom pricing are discussed via phone, text, email, online, in-person or otherwise with any persons at KOYO STUDIOS. * Tattoo Deposit Refund Policy: Cancelations are refundable with 24 hour prior notice, incur a $25 booking fee without 24 hour prior notice, are subject to deductions of any time that Artists at KOYO STUDIOS have invested into any Art/Design/Tattoo work for your process, and are subject to the consultation refund policy.

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