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Hourly Sessions

These are for All-in-1 Sessions to be booked according to price and time.

  • 2 hr

Book on Your Schedule!

Since KOYO STUDIOS charges by the project not the time, these All-in-1 Sessions are categorized by time only to make it convenient to book your appointment according to the price quoted to you after a full Consultation or a Quick Price Quote. * You receive 200 Blood Drops per hour you book after Braving the Needle for the session! Each Blood Drop is worth a discount! * Remember to choose a Pricing Option! First, click "Book Now" and choose your date/time slot. On the bottom right you will then see the available Pricing Options. * Listed prices are the full price of the session. Any changes can be reconciled in-person after arrival for your session! * For return customers, remember to check your Blood Drop points! You can redeem them for DISCOUNTS toward your online purchase before you book your appointment! * I charge by the project, not the time. The time slots are for Booking purposes only. See pictures below for examples of designs that fit this category.

Cancellation Policy

* Session No-Shows & Reschedules without 24 hour prior notice incur a fee. * Consultation Refund Policy: Consultation Cancelations are refundable with 24 hour prior notice provided one has not received a consultation of any length of time to include any communications prior to the scheduled consultation outside of basic inquiries of availability and listed prices where design, art, ideas, placement, or custom pricing are discussed via phone, text, email, online, in-person or otherwise with any persons at KOYO STUDIOS. * Tattoo Process Cancelation Deposit Refund Policy: The Tattoo Deposit and any other monies paid are refundable upon plan cancelation, are subject to deductions of any time that Artists at KOYO STUDIOS have invested into any Art/Design/Tattoo work for your process at the rate of no less than $150 per hour, and are subject to the consultation refund policy.

Contact Details


    7730 Herschel Ave, La Jolla, CA 92037, USA


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