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Consultation for Larger Designs

Up to 1 hour of time to answer questions and discuss options!

  • 1 hour

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This consultation is specifically for larger work like sleeves, so it allows for more time to discuss the design and the payment plans. This is one of the most important steps in this process and is too often rushed or ignored. Your consultation can be by Phone, Text, or online via ZOOM, and allows us time to focus solely on answering your questions, brainstorming options, perfecting Design ideas, and discussing PAYMENT PLANS for YOU! *The price of the consultation is credited toward your project!*

Cancellation Policy

* Reschedules without 24 hour prior notice incur a $25 booking fee. * Consultation Refund Policy: Cancelations are refundable with 24 hour prior notice AND provided one has not received a consultation of any length of time to include any communications prior to the scheduled consultation appointment outside of basic inquiries of availability and listed prices where design, art, ideas, placement, or custom pricing are discussed via phone, text, email, online, in-person or otherwise with any persons at KOYO STUDIOS. * Tattoo Deposit Refund Policy: Cancelations are refundable with 24 hour prior notice, incur a $25 booking fee without 24 hour prior notice, are subject to deductions of any time that Artists at KOYO STUDIOS have invested into any Art/Design/Tattoo work for your process, and are subject to the consultation refund policy.

Contact Details

  • Phone, Text, online via ZOOM, or in-person at KOYO STUDIOS

    7730 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA, USA

    + 6197964140