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7730 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037

(619) 800 - TATS (8287)


     HELLO and welcome to KOYO STUDIOS!

The kanji you see in the logo above is "KOYO", a Japanese word that embodies the beauty and wonder of the leaves changing colors in Autumn. Also pronounced "MOMIJI", the meanings are similar but very different.  "MOMIJI" specifically appreciates the deep red maple leaves of Autumn, while "KOYO" is broader in meaning and includes appreciation of the process the leaves go through to incur the changes of colors. KOYO STUDIOS believes that like the leaves in Autumn, all of us have beautiful, colorful changes throughout our lives. We want to illustrate those wonderfull stories as beautifully as the leaves look in fall, and immortalize them as the Autumn leaves remind us to cherish our journeys, before our life journey blossoms for the last time. Indulge yourself with the best, contact KOYO STUDIOS now!...then relax, sit back, and enjoy your journey knowing you are in good hands.

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