Yes we can do your tattoo.  Yes we take "same-day"(walk-in) appointments when our schedule allows.  YES we have payment plans! You may call us anytime for quick questions...if we are busy then leave a voicemail and we will answer back as soon as we can! For a quicker and more prepared response from KOYO STUDIOS, please use the CHAT at the bottom right-hand corner of your screen...that way we can respond to you even when you are no longer on our site!

If you are serious about getting a "Same-Day(Walk-In)" appointment, then click the "Walk-In" button below, and pick a "Same-Day" Service that fits you. You will create an account, pick a time slot that fits you, and pay an online deposit to hold your seat. The deposit is credited toward the price of your Tattoo and includes a free Initial Consultation. 




If you are serious about getting work done but do not know exactly what you want, or want a piece that will require custom Art/Design, creating an account and Booking a Consultation is the easiest way to get the full attention you deserve while discussing your ideas and desires. 

I do not want your money for nothing, I want to give you beautiful ART!  After every Initial Consultation you will receive your money back to put toward your Tattoo SAGA!

So please check my schedule and book an Initial Consultation now to get the attention you deserve, access to special discounts, and THE PRICING PLAN THAT FITS YOU.

  • One-on-One! By phone or online via ZOOM! **CREDITED TO YOUR PROJECT**

    30 min

    25 US dollars