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7730 Herschel Avenue, La Jolla, CA 92037


Located in Beautiful La Jolla, CA,

KOYO STUDIOS invites you to experience the finest Tattoos & Permanent Make-up that San Diego has to offer! Just 2 blocks from the Famous 'Seal Cove' and LUXERY 'Prospect Street' shopping districts of La Jolla, you can get INKED-UP  at KOYO STUDIOS, eat at 5 star restaurants, shop world famous stores, walk the beach to show off your new Tattoo, and take pictures with baby Harbor Seals in the same day!

Take your time, browse the site, and enjoy the galleries of

La Jolla Tattoo Artist:

KOYO Corey Ray

From all of us here at KOYO STUDIOS,

have an INKED-UP DAY!

dragon and tiger back peice design

Featured Tattoos!

Liz Camp Vermithrax Dragon Back Tattoo
Liz Camp Vermithrax Dragon Back Tattoo pic 2

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Elizabeth Camp

Session 3 of Liz Camp's Dragon Back Tat! Just did the Cosmic scene.

  • Where do I start?
    You should start right here at KOYO STUDIOS! The first step in your process is an Initial Consultation. You've got to figure out what you want, where you want it, when you want it, how you want it, how to plan it, a good price estimate etc. etc. So, where to start? Book a Consultation HERE. You can come to the studio in-person, do it online via ZOOM, or by phone or text, so there's no excuse to skip this step. Just do will be so much more informed and prepared for the rest of the steps, and the money goes toward your Tattoo so you have nothing to lose! I can't wait to meet you at our Consultation!
  • Can I get a "quick quote" for my Tattoo?
    Yes, we offer very inexpensive price quotes, the best part is the price goes toward your tattoo! Please click HERE.
  • Walk-Ins?
    Yes, I do take Walk-Ins...But before throwing caution to the wind and racing to the studio, I suggest checking the "Services" page on the website for the size of tattoo you want and the availability on the calendar. I could be in a session already or may not be in the studio in person. Just so you don't show up impromptu and end up getting turned away, I encourage you to book your appointment online through our website. And no worries, the deposit is credited toward your Tattoo!!
  • Let's Talk Tattoo Pricing...
    I know I know, Tattoos can seem so expensive! Even for the simplest designs, the actual tattoo process takes a lot of time and is difficult! To help you get the BEST quality for the best price, KOYO STUDIOS has several payment options: * Pay for the whole Process upfront. (Best Value) * Pay for each step of the 3 step process separately. (1. Consult, 2. Draw-up, 3. Stencil & Ink) * Choose a payment plan and make monthly payments. (Best Convenience) No matter what you choose, KOYO STUDIOS does our very best to give you a great price for quality work. All The prices listed on the site are the deposit prices to book your time.
  • What size and kind of Tattoo should I get?
    KOYO STUDIOS believes strongly that great tattoos are your story with GREAT ART! Larger areas allow for more creative and beautiful Art! Too often our decision is based on what we can afford to invest all at once, which is honestly a tragedy. We have implemented PAYMENT PLAN options to help investing in yourself with the BEST quality tattoos a realistic & affordable possibility! We want you to have Tattoos that you would pick if you could have ANYTHING...Tattoos that make you FEEL GREAT and your friends JEALOUS for years! Our best advice is that you will get a better discount, more value for your money, and much more IMPRESSIVE Art on larger Tattoos covering larger areas...and if you can split the investment into affordable payments?...why not? GO BIG.
  • What is KOYO STUDIOS minimum Tattoo size/price?
    KOYO STUDIOS would like you to remember that many times 2 or 3 smaller Tattoos can be done in the same minimum session, making the price-per-tattoo much lower! We suggest getting several minimum-sized tattoos at once for more value! Minimum size=1 inch x 1 inch. Minimum pricing is: * 1 Min. Tat=$150 * 2 Min. Tat=$125 pc. * 3 Min. Tat=$100 pc. Getting a Tattoo in beautiful La Jolla Cove, California, just blocks from SEAL ROCK is possibly one of the best locations in the world to get INK! Taking into consideration that the area is highly respected as a Luxury Travel Experience, KOYO STUDIOS has worked very hard to keep our Minimum Tattoo prices affordable! By getting more minimum Tattoos at once and using your INK Points we give to every "New Member Sign-Up", our minimum Tattoo pricing can be as low as $90.00 per Tattoo! For all return customers, you also earn INK Points that you can redeem into cash discounts! Check the "INK Points" tab on the main menu to see all the ways to earn INK Points and what they can be redeemed for! Be sure to check the "All-in-1" services page for more info about size, pricing, and deposits for Minimum Tattoos.
  • What DISCOUNTS does KOYO STUDIOS offer?
    We offer many discounts! It is truly our desire to give you as many opportunities as we can to help you get higher-quality Tattoos! New Member Sign-Ups get 10 INK Points! We reward our members who "Brave the Needle" with more INK Points! Just visit the "INK Points Page" from the main menu or the "EARN FREE TATTOOS!" button at the top of the page to see all the ways to earn INK points that you can redeem for cash discounts for any service or product we offer! KOYO STUDIOS also offers PAYMENT PLAN options for larger work! Just check the "Pricing Plans" Page to check them out! We offer holiday specials on every major Holiday! After becoming a member, sign in to your account with the button at the top of any page and go to your "Members Pages" to see all the points, coupons, and special offers that you can take advantage of! See the "Set-Up FAQ" for instructions on how to sign up/sign in and view your members pages!
  • What about Cover-Ups?
    I was a comic book artist in the U.S. and in Japan, have a love for the art of design and storytelling, and feel that my professional experience gives me a unique talent with cover-ups. I feel that turning an ugly, poorly executed, or unfavorable tattoo into something that makes you happy again to be very fulfilling and one of the most enjoyable opportunities of this craft! No matter how impossible, I enjoy challenging cover-up designs! Don't forget that KOYO STUDIOS offers PAYMENT PLANS so that you can pay weekly or monthly payments to get your cover-up done PROPER! Feel free to contact us with any questions and let's discuss some options!
  • Does KOYO STUDIOS offer payment plans?
    Yes. KOYO STUDIOS can attest to the wisdom of getting truly professional designs executed with a high level of skill. I have seen too many tattoos and permanent make-up that bring embarrassment or disappointment, so get your INK done right the first time! Looking for a cheap artist is the #1 cause of unhappy tattoos and disappointed tattoo collectors! Being in a hurry and impatiently rushing the process is #2. We at KOYO STUDIOS do not believe in cheap work or working for cheap. KOYO STUDIOS believes that getting the BEST VALUE for your money is important, so we offer PAYMENT PLANS on larger work that fit your weekly or monthly budget to help you get the quality INK you deserve. We also offer discounts through Coupons, Specials, and loyalty or "INK Points" to help you earn FREE TATTOOS! You are worth it, and so is your Tattoo! Please see the "Pricing Plans" Page to check them out!
  • How do I use my INKED-UP points?
    To get your New Member cash discount and use it on your online tattoo deposit, first click on the "Sign-Up" button at the top or bottom of any page and sign-up to be a member to get your new member INK Points! After returning to the home page, click on that same Member's button again to drop your "Members Menu" to view your "INK Points" page. There you can view your points and redeem them for a coupon code for your cash discount. If you want to apply the discount, Copy this code! Now to go to the "Single Sessions" page, choose the service you want, click "Book It" and you will go to my calendar where you choose your appointment time. After choosing your appointment, you will redirect to the "Checkout" page and it is here that you can then paste your coupon code for your CASH DISCOUNT to be deducted from your deposit! Pay the remainder of the deposit to reserve your appointment. You may also choose your desired service and pay the full deposit to reserve your appointment, then get your INK Points discount in-person at the end of your tattoo session during checkout.
KOYO Corey Ray
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