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Located in Beautiful La Jolla, CA,

KOYO STUDIOS invites you to experience the finest Tattoos & Permanent Make-up that San Diego has to offer! Just 2 blocks from the Famous 'Seal Cove' and LUXERY 'Prospect Street' shopping districts of La Jolla, you can get INKED-UP  at KOYO STUDIOS, eat at 5 star restaurants, shop world famous stores, walk the beach to show off your new Tattoo, and take pictures with baby Harbor Seals in the same day!

Take your time, browse the site, and enjoy the galleries of

La Jolla Tattoo Artist:

KOYO Corey Ray

From all of us here at KOYO STUDIOS,

have an INKED-UP DAY!

dragon and tiger back peice design

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session 6-2

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Elizabeth Camp

Session 3 of Liz Camp's Dragon Back Tat! Just did the Cosmic scene.

  • Where do I start?
    You should start right here on the Homepage! Check out the Finished Designs page to see if you like any designs that could be made into your prefect piece, Explore the site to have fun and get informed. View the artist's bio's and check out the galleries of artwork, tattoos, and designs to become inspired. Check out the forums to connect with other members. And mostly, HAVE FUN!
  • Can I get a quick price quote?
    Yes, we offer very inexpensive price quotes! The best part is the price goes toward your tattoo if you choose to get INKED-UP with us! Please click HERE to check it out!
  • Walk-Ins?
    I do take 'Walk-In' appointments...But before throwing caution to the wind and racing to the studio, I suggest checking the "Services" page on the website for the size of tattoo you want and the availability on the calendar. I could be in a session already or may not be in the studio, so I encourage you to book any 'Same-Day' appointments online through the website. That way, you don't show up impromptu and get turned away. If you have any questions use the CHAT button at the bottom of any page. If you need a price quote please visit the Quick Quote page HERE.
  • Does KOYO STUDIOS have a minimum size/ min. price?
    Minimum Tattoo prices CAN BE AS LOW AS $80 PER TATTOO! KOYO STUDIOS offers discounts for more than one smaller tattoo done in the same session to help the your artist still make a profit and to help you get more value! You also get up to 200 Blood Drops per tattoo after Braving the Needle for session! Small and basic minimum size/minimum price tattoos do have their place, but there are disadvantages. When it comes to beauty, minimum tattoos simply cannot compete with larger, more intricate designs. Minimum tattoos cost so much more in the long run that I try to encourage everyone to get more Minimum tattoos at once, or larger designs that I can give you better discounts on! But if you like the look and want the more simplistic style, let's get you INKED-UP! * Minimum Tattoo price CAN BE AS LOW AS $80 PER TATTOO! * Minimum Tattoo size = needs to fit approximately inside a 1 inch x 1 inch box. * Minimum size/Minimum price tattoos can be found HERE. * If you would like a quick price quote, please visit the Quick Quote page.
  • What DISCOUNTS does KOYO STUDIOS offer?
    KOYO STUDIOS will trade Blood for Ink! Every time you brave the needle for a tattoo session you get Blood Drops that you can trade for cash discounts on ink! It is truly our desire to save you as much cost as we can to help you get higher-quality tattoos! * Just visit the "Blood for Ink" page from the main menu to see all the ways to trade your Blood Drops for cash discounts for any service or product we offer! * We offer holiday specials on every major Holiday! After becoming a member, sign in to your account with the button at the top of any page and go to your "Members Pages" to see all the points, coupons, and special offers that you can take advantage of! * We also offer monthly PAYMENT PLAN options! See the "Set-Up FAQ" for instructions on how to sign up/sign in and view your members pages!
  • Does KOYO STUDIOS offer payment plans?
    KOYO STUDIOS offers custom pricing plans so that you can get the work you REALLY want...get that bigger, more beautiful tattoo and make monthly payments so that the cost doesn't break the bank! Book a Consultation HERE "I can attest to the wisdom of getting that larger, more beautiful piece instead of a smaller, less beautiful version strictly due to cost. I have seen too many tattoos and permanent make-up that bring embarrassment or disappointment, so get your INK done right the first time!" * With monthly payment options it will seem easy and painless to your budget! Book a Consultation HERE to get started!
  • How do I "cash-in" my Blood Drops?
    To trade your "Blood for Ink, first click on the "Sign-Up" button at the top or bottom of any page and sign-up to be a member to get your new member Blood Drops! After returning to the home page, click on that same Member's button again to drop your "Members Menu" to view your "Blood Drops" page. There you can view your "Blood Drops" and trade them for a coupon code for your discount. If you want to apply the discount, Copy this code! After the code has been copied, go to the "Services" page, choose the service you want, click "Book It" and you will go to my calendar where you choose your appointment time. After choosing your appointment time, click "NEXT" and you will redirect to the "Checkout" page. It is here that you can then paste your coupon code for your CASH DISCOUNT to be deducted from your purchase! Pay the remainder to reserve your appointment. You may also choose your desired service and pay-in-full to reserve your appointment, then get your discount in-person at the end of your tattoo session.
KOYO Corey Ray
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