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Koyo Studios

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La Jolla, CA,

     Here is where you can see all the upcoming Events and meet the Artist KOYOCoreyRay, view galleries of his work, watch video testimonials, read reviews, and learn more about the Tattooing, Permanent Make-Up, and Medical Tattooing processes!

Just 2 blocks from the Famous Seal Cove and Prospect Street shopping district, KOYO STUDIOS invites you to experience the finest in Tattoos, Permanent Make-up, and ART/Design.

KOYO Studios is located at:

7730 Herschel Avenue,

La Jolla, CA 92037

and our phone number is:

(619) 796-4140

Before you call us read below!

We value a safe and Sanitary environment for every Client, so we do not touch, handle, or check our phones during a procedure. We Appreciate your business, so just leave a voicemail. To receive a quicker, more prepared reply to your questions try using the CHAT button in the bottom right hand corner of this screen...this way we can reply to you even after you leave our web-page!

*NOTICE* There has been a TON of Tattoo artists posting pictures of their work after editing in Photoshop or similar editing programs!  I DESPISE this as it creates false expectations for what Tattoos actually look like. KOYO STUDIOS and KOYOCoreyRay NEVER edit our Tattoos with Photoshop nor any editing program other than to blur or black out the background. The way it looks in our Gallery is close to the way it looks in real-life except camera limitations. Tattoos can be AWSOME, but Digitally edited Tattoos are NOT TATTOOS...they are Digital Art!

Every Picture of Tattoos, Art, or Permanent Make-Up on our site is exactly the way the camera took the picture!

Visit "tattooed truth fairy" on Instagram to see examples of artists editing their tattoo pictures to generate business.

Take your time, browse the site, and enjoy the galleries and testimonials.When you decide that it is YOUR TIME to begin YOUR SAGA, you can book a one-on-one consultation in-person or via phone/ZOOM by clicking the "Get Inked"  button when you're ready to start your journey.

From all of us here at KOYO STUDIOS,

have an INKED-UP DAY!

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KOYOCoreyRay vs Pizza!.jpg